Exercise Areas

Well-equipped exercise paddocks

Well-equipped exercise paddocks

It is important for your dog to get their daily exercise. That's why at Thornbridge Farm, Horley, we give all our canine boarders access to the 3 large paddocks at our farm.

Fully secure and supervised exercise area

Each paddock is well-secured and gives your dog the opportunity to be at one with nature. There's plenty to see, plenty to do and plenty to sniff, in our doggy exercise areas. Every time your dog uses the paddock they will be fully supervised by one of our staff. And if your dog loves to play, we have experts at throwing balls!
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quality playtime

Quality playtime

While some dogs are happy to sniff and explore the country environment, others need a little more stimulation. That's why we provide lots of toys and balls. We also provide personalised dog agility classes.
exercise for pets

Individual exercise

All dogs are exercised individually, or in family groups, and are allowed as much time as they need. If your dogs like to socialise, our family of Labradors will be happy to play with them.
If your dog loves its daily breath of fresh air, the exercise paddocks at Thornbridge Farm in Horley are the perfect choice for them.

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